Customizing An Elementor Site Kit


This document will help you better understand how to customize a kit after it has been imported from the Kit library.                                     

Customizing your Kit

After importing your kit, you may visit your dashboard and look at the pages, posts, Theme builder site parts, and popups that were imported.

You may ask: I imported my kit but the menu and some other things seem to be missing.

Do not worry, this is part of the expected behavior. Some dependencies including menus, the site name and logo, post categories, popupus, and products (if importing a shop kit) all still need to be connected. Learn more about what to do next. 


The Kit importer does not create WordPress menus. These must be created by navigating to the WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus.

Create The Menu

  1. Press CMD-E (Mac) or CTRL-E (Windows) to open the Finder and search for and select “Menus” to quickly navigate to the WordPress menus section.
  2. Under Menu Structure, type a name for your menu, such as “Main Menu”
  3. Click the Create Menu button
  4. Under Add Menu Items > Pages, place checkmarks next to each of the pages you created, and click the Add to Menu button.
  5. Reorder them as desired by dragging them up or down. 
  6. Nest any items as child pages under parent pages by dragging the child slightly to the right, and just under a parent page. Do this for Social Media, by dragging it just under Services, and slightly to the right.
  7. Click the Save Menu button.
  8. Press CMD-E (Mac) or CTRL-E (Windows) to open the Finder and search for and select “Theme Builder” to edit your header with Elementor
  9. Click the Publish button.
  10. Click the Add Condition button
  11. Choose Include > Entire Site as the condition and click the Save & Close button.
  12. Notice that the menu is now displayed in the Header.


Your pages can be found in the side menu column of your WordPress dashboard.

These will typically include a homepage, about, services, portfolio, and contact but varies with each kit. Each is already created in Elementor and you may click the edit with Elementor link in each.


Your imported posts will also be found in the side menu of WordPress.

These are usually just placeholder content and filler text so that you can see how these will look when you begin adding your own content. They are already created with the Elementor editor and may be edited by clicking the link.

Theme Builder

These are your Theme builder site parts that get imported. You can locate these from the WordPress dashboard side panel under Templates > Theme Builder.

These generally consist of a header, footer, archive, single post/page, search, and 404 page template but will vary on the kit you select.


Some kits contain popups for call to actions, exit intent, and menu navigation. You can locate these from the WordPress Dashboard Side Menu > Templates > Popups

Global Settings

Your kits global colors, fonts, and much more can be edited from the site settings. These can be accessed via the editor panel, or from your top admin bar when viewing any page.

Global Colors

Each kit uses global colors for fonts, buttons, links, backgrounds, and moreby setting global color codes.

Global Fonts

Kits use global fonts to improve your workflow and ensure there’s consistency across your website, all from one place.

Previewing, publishing, and saving as draft

After you’re done designing your page, you can Preview it and Publish it.

Go to the bottom panel:

  1. To preview click the icon. 
  2. If you are satisfied with the result, go ahead and click the button. 
  3. Click ‘Have a Look‘ to view the published page

Note: The Preview link is different than the actual page link

Save Draft

In Elementor you can edit a Published page and save your work as Draft. That means that you will not ruin your published page while saving your work as Draft.

  1. Click the arrow next to Update / Publish
  2. Choose Save Draft


You now know where to find the imported content and ready to start editing each part.

Note: Please be advised that some of the kits contain third-party images, videos, media, files, audio and other visual components. While we have the right to use them in our Kits Library, we cannot ensure that you may use them in your own product. Therefore, please replace or remove all above assets from your copy of the Kits.

What’s Next

You may create additional pages if you need for your goal.

Add your content to the kit pages.

You may assign the homepage of your website from the WordPress Dashboard or your theme’s customizer. 

Create menus for your website from the dashboard, or your theme customizer.

If you are ready to launch your website, we can help you get started.

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